Know When to Hire a Pest Control Professional

Sometimes, you can’t just do-it-yourself.

Many homeowners tend to treat pest by themselves with common misconception practices leading into a much more devastating damage. That’s why it is better to consult professionals because they have the knowledge and training to properly deal with such infestations.

When people come out into ideas and perform them, they often only eliminate what they see but not the whole problem. You did spray pesticide on a swarm of termites, but the larger colony can continue with the infestation out of sight.

Here are some pest problems only a pro can handle:



When you’ve seen a wood-boring insect in your home, contact your local pest control right away as termites, carpenter ants, woodworm, and even moths can do serious damage into your property. We at Western AllPest have professional services that can help you into your termite problem. We offer environment friendly treatment so you can worry no more into your family’s health.

Recurring Infestations

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Consider to leave to the professionals that never-ending rodent visits on your kitchen. Any type of pest that you know always comes back maybe an indication of a larger problem.

Stinging Insects

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Wasp and fire ants sting people that can lead into serious health risk specially to those with allergies to insect bites. Call a pest specialist if you’ve seen a swarm of these kind of insects.

Mosquito problem

According to the World Health Organization, Mosquitoes are the most dangerous animals in the planet killing millions of people each year. They can cause serious illness like dengue and malaria. Yes you can  spray mosquito pesticide into your home for temporary solution but an onsite assessment into your home might be your better option.

Bed bugs

Believe it or not bed bugs are one of the hardest pest problem to treat. They suck blood when you sleep and can cause discomfort and itchiness. They hide into difficult places like wallpapers and underneath electrical switches.