How to Prevent Termites Coming into your Home

Termites – the leading pest when it comes to property damage. They feed on wood furniture, wallpaper and everything made of lumber. Over $1 billion of home damage cost each year due these pesky insects. If you think your home cannot be infested by termites, think again!


Here are some tips to prevent termites coming to your house

  1. Consider rebuilding your home wood free and avoid purchasing furniture made of wood. Because termites feed on cellulose rich things like lumber, your dining table might be there next target.
  2. If you cannot prevent yourself buying wood furniture or have already bought some, you can use borate to treat your wood products. You can also buy furniture that are already treated with Borate, ask you seller about it. This chemical makes a wood last a lifetime and so termites can’t feed on them.
  3. Fix all water leakage into your home. As with most living things, termites generally cannot survive without a water source. And also moisture attracts termites so carefully examine your house from any water leaks.
  4. Limit wood to ground contact. Termites won’t be able to sniff into your home if you prevent your furniture touching directly into the soil.
  5. Seal any cracks or holes within the foundation of your home. This will help prevent easy access for wandering termites.
  6. Get your home inspected for termite damage. A once-a-year inspection can save your home with early detection. Even when termites are not found in the home, a trained pest control specialist can still offer recommendations to help you better prevent a future invasion.

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