Pest Control-tips to keep away pest in the summer season

Ooh, Summer… the season of joy and recreation, it’s the time of the year to play outside and have a picnic. Have some backyard barbecue with friends and family, and smell the breeze of summer morning. But unfortunately, your picnic can be ruined seeing a line of ants! Or maybe a swarm of mosquitoes and flies when barbecuing.

Here are some useful DIY methods to help you deal with those annoying bugs:

Create Your Own Fly Trap

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Water bottle fly trap

  1. Grab an Empty water bottle – Make sure the water contents had been washed out.
  2. Cut the top off from the bottle – Using a scissor or blade, poke a hole right where the funnel ends of the bottle.
  3. Flip the cut piece over – Just slide the other half into the bottle, reverse it and stick it in using a tape.
  4. Create a melted sugar mixture – melt 5 tablespoons of sugar into a pan and add just enough water to make some kind of a syrupy substance.
  5. Spoon the liquid into the funneled end of the bottle – Try and drip it down the edges of the funnel so that when the flies come towards the funnel, they will stick right from the start.
  6. Put your trap into your desired area of choice – Preferably in warm sunny spot for the mixture to evaporate and flies will come over the trap.

Draw chalk line for Ant problem

Some say that ants don’t like the powdery particles in their feet, others say they’re averse to the calcium carbonate in the chalk. Choose the spot where you can draw lines to prevent ants coming into your property. Preferably in doorways, windowsills. This non- toxic solution will keep ants outside where they belong.

Use Petroleum Jelly

Find the spot where you think ants hiding from. Use petroleum jelly to cover the holes of their way to your home.

Mosquito Problem

We usually treat these pesky insects using pesticide spay or mosquito repellant. But those are risky methods as they are chemical base and may affect your health. We recommend using a fan as they are weak fliers, bug lights and loose-fitting clothing.

Avoid doing your activities during times were mosquitoes are mostly active such as in dawn or twilight. Citronella candles maybe also effective as they have a mild repellent effect.