Myths vs Facts about Pest

Homeowners should know these myths regarding pest control before it’s too late!

Myth: Stinging insects only sting when you physically touch them.

Fact: Stinging insects, especially wasps, do not have to be physically touched/provoked to attack and sting. They                  sting if they feel threaten or a human is too close to their colony.


Myth: Mosquitoes are only active at dawn and at dusk.

Fact: Although most are active then, mosquito activity is not limited to these times of day. They will be seeking out              meals whenever they prepare for reproduction.


Myth: You don’t see pests, so you don’t have a pest problem.

Fact: Termites and carpenter ants can do a lot of damage inside your walls, all while being out of sight. The best                    thing you can do to protect your home is to have it regularly inspected by a pest control expert.


Myth: If my neighbor fumigatus their home, the pests will move on to my home.

Fact: Most pests aren’t smart enough to know what that a home is being fumigated, and they die before they can                    figure it out.


Myth: Mice and rats love cheese, and it’s the ideal mouse trap bait.

Fact: Mouse and rats can eat everything so you’re all good at any food trap you can get.


Myth: Mice are nocturnal and only feed at night.

Fact: They are active all day and all-night long.

And so it is best to contact your local pest control if any pest infestation occur in your area. We offer free onsite assessment before the jobs get started. Contact us today!