How to Obtain a Pest-free Pantry

Don’t let any holiday occasion to  be ruin by pest

Family and friends gather in kitchens across the country to enjoy their favorite treats to celebrate occasions like birthdays and holidays. But some uninvited guests may also come to the table. We at Western AllPest Services encourages homeowners to thoroughly inspect their kitchens and pantries to avoid pantry pests from spoiling their holiday cheer- or at least their baked goods.


“Pantry pests” are insects known for infesting items often found in pantries, from flour, cereal, nuts, spices and other dry goods to candies and chocolate. They can also be found in holiday decorations containing dried flowers. One of the most common pantry pest are ants.


“When an occasion approach, many families brought out ingredients and utensils from the back of their pantry that haven’t been used since the previous year. Over time, these food sources may have attracted pests and food contamination becomes a concern. It’s important to thoroughly examine all food products before using them, and discard of any that may have been infested.

Follow these guides to ensure a pest free pantry:

  1. Securely seal the plastic or glass containers for all your ingredients.
  2. Pay special attention to pet food, which is a frequent source of pantry pest contamination.
  3. Discard any food the past the expiration date.
  4. Sift through flour, sugar and other ingredients carefully before adding to your recipe.
  5. Keep kitchen counters, floors and sinks clean as crumbs and spills quickly attract pests.
  6. Check in corners for signs of pests including fecal droppings.
  7. To remediate pest infestations, contact a licensed pest professional to inspect, identify and control the problem.