The Truth about Fleas

This article will put to rest five myths about fleas.

MYTH – Flea eggs hatch on the animal.

Fact: Their eggs hatch on the ground, in carpeting, furniture and pet bedding – not on pets. Adult fleas attach themselves to animals for a blood meal before reproducing.

MYTH – Fleas prefer any warm-blooded animal for their blood meals (including people).

Fact: It’s true, fleas can bite people but their favorite is a hairy animal commonly dogs and cats.

MYTH – Sealing cracks and gaps is a good flea control strategy.

Fact: While exclusion is advised for many pest problems, it doesn’t have
a real benefit for flea control. Most fleas enter a structure on their host animal.

MYTH – The only good flea control strategy is to rid a home of adult fleas.

Fact: Though adult fleas are easy to locate, eggs, larvae and pupae are a different case. These life stages are less active and found in hard – to – reach places in a home.

MYTH – The only way to eliminate fleas is with surface spraying.

Fact: In addition to surface spraying with an adulticide and IGR, homeowners must protect
their pets from fleas by treating regularly with a topical or oral product. Regular vacuuming of the home is also effective during flea season.