Identifying Wood destroying insects

Termites are usually the first wood-boring insect that comes to mind, but carpenter ants and carpenter bees are also insects to look-out for. While they all pose a threat to the home, the invasion, attack and severity of damage differs. Because of this, we need accurate information in identifying the method of control and eradication.

Termites vs Carpenter Ants

While carpenter bees may stand alone with being easily identified, termites and carpenter ants are often mixed up and not properly distinguish.

The termite:

  • Sports a rectangular shaped body with no waistline.
  • Have straight, beaded antennae.
  • Is equipped with four wings of equal shape and size that are longer its body.

In comparison, the carpenter ant:

  • Has a narrow, very defined and obvious waist.
  • The antennae of the carpenter ant are bent in an elbow shape.
  • The front wings are longer than the hind wings.

Carpenter Bee Identification

The carpenter bees have an abdomen that is shiny black and hairless. They build tunnels and nests inside wooden structures.

Contact your trusted local pest control to easily eliminate termite, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees.