Common places to find bed bugs

Where to look for bed bugs in a home

Couches – Inspect the seams for tiny white eggs, black residue, insect casings and dried, brown blood staining.

Baseboards and Rugs – Inspec of your baseboards and carpet edges. Look for black droppings, black streaks, insect skins, blood stains, or the bugs themselves.

Electronics – In some cases they make home in alarm clocks, wall clocks, computers, stereos, televisions, fixtures, and even power outlets.

Furniture – Bed bugs don’t require a sleeping food source. They can feed on an awake human. This can lead them to establish themselves in a couch or chair.

Baggage and Belongings – Look in creases and seams for evidence of these bugs.

Behind Wallpaper and Wall Hangings – hey may also hide behind paintings, pictures, and other items hung on your wall.

Seat Pillows – They often can also be found in cushions in dark places, like a movie theater seat or the back seat of a taxi cab.