Amazing Facts About Ticks

Ticks are small blood sucker animals that can very pesky for you, your family and pets.

Here are some Facts about Ticks:

  1. Ticks are not insects. It’s true. Ticks are not insects, although they are often mistaken for them. Ticks are actually classified as arachnids, or relatives of spiders, scorpions and mites.
  2. They are obligate hematophages, needing blood to survive and move from one stage of life to another. Ticks can fast for long periods but eventually die if unable to find a host.
  3. Ticks are dog lovers, too. Some ticks species, like the American dog tick and brown dog tick, prefer dogs as hosts.
  4. It’s important to note that ticks typically require 24-48 hours of feeding before they can successfully transmit infections like Lyme disease, so prompt removal is crucial.
  5. Migrating birds carry ticks with them on their journeys; a study of migratory birds passing through Egypt found more than half the bird species examined were carrying ticks.