Life Cycle of a Cockroach

The life cycle of a cockroach consist of three distinct stages: egg, nymph, and adult.

It’ll all start with the female carrying the eggs in its abdomen. Producing between 10 and 40 eggs at a time depending on the specie. They carry in specialized cases called ootheca.


The female will deposit this egg capsule (shaped like a kidney bean) in a protected area preferably near a food source. After four to eight weeks, newly hatched cockroaches emerge from eggs as nymphs. During this stage, nymphs will shed-off skin multiple times until reaching adult. This is the process known as molting.

nymphs cockroach

After many molting times, young cockroaches become soft-bodied and white before eventually getting larger, darker in color and hardening off – until they reach adulthood.

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