You might have wondered, if a poison dart frog is, well obviously poisonous, so as a king cobra? No, poison and venom are both toxicants animals use to prey or as defense mechanism. But they differ in a way they are delivered.

Poison vs Venom

If an animal is describe as venomous, it means that the toxic they carry will be delivered by injection to the body. Typically, a venomous animal will use its venom to easily prey on other animals – like a cobra bites on a rodent for an easy kill. Other examples are spiders (like the black widow spider), and some species of jellyfish (like the box jellyfish).

poison vs venom

On the other hand, poisonous animals will deliver their toxin in your body thru absorption like ingestion, inhalation or dermal contact. It is usually passively delivered by the animal. Poison animals usually use their poison as defense mechanism to prevent other animals preying on them. Examples are the poison dart frog, salamanders like the pacific newt, pufferfish and some species of toads.