Rats: not as a pests, but as Working Animals

Have you seen a working rat before? Rats maybe a pests to many countries, cultures, and people, but they can actually be trained to help humans. A working rat is an animal which is trained to do different task as a working animal. The most notable working rat specie is the Gambian pouched rat which help in finding landmines in Mozambique, Africa. Also, one of the most common rat specie in helping humans are domesticated brown rats.

Some of their notable jobs of are:


In the Netherlands, police have begun using brown rats to sniff out gunshot residue.


Rats have been trained to appear in magic acts, music videos, movies, and television shows. This because rats are one of the easiest animals to train due to their adaptability, intelligence, and focus.

Laying computer link cable

By being trained to carry a string through holes in walls, a rat can help economically wire a building for the Internet.

As therapy and assistance animals

Rats are used as therapy animals for children with developmental disabilities. Their small size may be less threatening to some children, and therapy centers with limited space can easily house a few rats.

Rats have been trained as service animals, to identify damaging muscle spasms for people whose ability to sense this has been compromised by their disability.

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