What to do if you have a wasp infestation

Wasps are flying insects that can be very annoying to anyone because they sting and trigger a wasps infestation. They range in size from small like the Eastern yellow jacket and the larger species like paper wasps. These insects can be beneficial to gardeners as they prey on smaller insect pest like spiders. But sometimes, they can be very aggressive. They are territorial animals and they can sting people specially children.

Wasps building their nest

In the summer months, most people spend their days in the outdoor. A perfect time to bond with family and friends. But do you know that this is the perfect season for wasps to intestate into your home? Commonly, people place some paddling pools, squirt guns and water balloons to help keep cool during the warmer temperatures. Wasps need water, so they will come to any place which can be a source of their need. In this case your backyard or garden.

Here are some ways to help you deal with wasps.

  1. Firstly, locate their nest. Inspect your home regularly to find where the wasps are living.
  2. Do not panic whenever you see one. This can only trigger them to attract more wasps and attack you.
  3. Keep children and pets away from the nests.
  4. Ensure that windows and doors or any opening into the house are properly shut to prevent them coming indoors.
  5. Properly seal trash bins and any known food source that might attract them to your home.