Amazing Facts About Centipedes

Lithobius forficatus.jpg

Centipedes inhabit almost every corner of the Earth. Sometimes we see them startling people by showing up in bathtubs or sinks. But do you know that there are an estimated 8,000 species of Centipede on the planet?

Here are some Interesting facts about centipedes:

  1. Centipedes do not exactly have100 legs – Though their common name means “100 legs”, they can have significantly fewer or more than 100 legs.
  2. They are not that really dangerous – They use to inject venom and kill their prey but the jaws are not powerful enough to easily puncture human skin.
  3. All centipedes are predators – Though some will occasionally scavenge a meal, centipedes are primarily hunters.
  4. Centipedes have long lifespans – It’s not unusual for a centipede to live 2-3 years, and some survive longer than 5 years.
  5. They are prone to dehydration – Arthropods often have a waxy coating on the cuticle to help prevent water loss, but centipedes lack this waterproofing.