What diseases are spread by Cockroaches

Cockroaches are known players of spreading diseases and causes health problems to people. They are related to dirt, filth, and poor hygiene. Their poor habits relating to their nesting and feeding can become a health risk. Unlike mosquitoes, cockroaches are indirectly spreaders of diseases such as biting on you. Instead, they spread bacteria by contaminating your food and/or water.

In the food industry, cockroaches have a negative impact on your sanitary reputation. It means a breach of your hygiene measures that causes law enforcements to shut down your business.

Diseases that are spread by Cockroaches

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) “Cockroaches are not usually the most important cause of a disease, but like houseflies, they play a supplementary role in the spread of some diseases”



Salmonellosis is a symptomatic infection caused by bacteria of the Salmonella type. (Wikipedia) Rodents and cockroaches are the pests known to spread the salmonella bacteria. The symptoms of this disease are similar to food poisoning which include: diarrheafeverabdominal cramps, and vomiting. Seek medical attention if you or someone you know experience these symptoms.


Cholera bacteria.jpg

Cholera is an infection of the small intestine caused by the Vibrio choleraeIt is spread by cockroaches through their vomit and/or feces contaminating your food. Symptoms may vary from mild to severe, sometimes none. And when not treated, people will experience acute watery diarrhea resulting in severe dehydration.



Escherichia coli or simply E.coli is a bacterium commonly found in humans. It’s sometimes harmless but some can cause serious food poisoning.  The strains of Ecoli bacteria may also cause severe anemia or kidney failure, which can lead to death. The known symptoms of this disease are watery diarrhea and abdominal cramping.


Plague is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis. The symptoms depend on the concentrated areas of infection:  bubonic plague in lymph nodes, septicemic plague in blood vessels, pneumonic plague in lungs. Aside from rodents, cockroaches are also known spreaders of this disease.

How to prevent cockroaches from spreading diseases

Cleaning is the most effective way of preventing cockroach into your home. And business should comply with all the food safety regulations in your region. Washing your hands before eating also reduces the risk of cockroach-borne diseases.

We also recommend assessing your home or business by professional pest control to help prevent cockroaches spreading diseases. We at Western Allpest offer a FREE Onsite Assessment for home or businesses before the job gets started.