How to properly dispose Household Hazardous Waste

Do you have an excess or unused expired pesticides or any chemicals? Leaving them around poses a potential threat to children and pets. Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) can contaminate groundwater, drinking water and soil, and the improper disposal of these can create landfill build up and pollution.

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

Thankfully, the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) had administered and funded the Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Program. It aims to properly dispose or recycle HHW.

How Do Local Governments Collect HHW?

Householders can drop off household hazardous waste at any of the following locations:

*You do not have to be a resident of the Local Government to drop off waste (any householder can use any of the facilities).

Armadale Landfill and Recycling Facility City of Armadale Hopkinson Road, Brookdale 8:00am-4:45pm 7 days (except Christmas Day, New Years Day and Good Friday, and closes by noon on Christmas Eve & New Years Eve) 9399 3935
Balcatta – Recycling Centre City of Stirling 238 Balcatta Road, Balcatta 7:30am-4:00pm 7 days (except Christmas Day, New Years Day and Good Friday) 9205 8555
Canning – Waste Transfer Station City of Canning Lot 502, Ranford Road, Canning Vale 8:00am-4:30pm 7 days a week (except closed Christmas Day, New Years Day and Good Friday) 1300 422 664
Henderson Waste Recovery Park  City of Cockburn 920 Rockingham Road, Henderson 8:00am-4:30pm 7 days (except Christmas Day, New Years Day and Good Friday) 9411 3444
JFR (Jim) McGeough Resource Recovery Facility Western Metropolitan Regional Council Cnr Lemnos Street and Brockway Road, Shenton Park 7:30am-3:45pm Mon to Fri, 10:00am-1:00pm weekends, 7:30am-1:00pm public holidays (except closed Good Friday, Christmas Day and New Years Day) 9384 2544
Red Hill Waste Management Facility Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council 1094 Toodyay Road, Red Hill 7:00am-4:00pm Mon to Fri, 8:00am-4:00pm Sat, 10am-4:00pm Sun, Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day and Good Friday 9574 6235 or 9574 6447
Rockingham – Millar Road Landfill Facility City of Rockingham Millar Road West, Baldivis 7:30am-4:00pm 7 days (except Christmas Day and Good Friday) 9528 8550
Tamala Park Waste Disposal Facility Mindarie Regional Council 1700 Marmion Avenue, Mindarie 8:00am – 4:45pm 7 days (except Christmas Day, New Years Day and Good Friday) 9306 6303
Albany – Hanrahan Road Waste Minimisation Facility City of Albany Hanrahan Road, Albany 8:30am-4:15pm 7 days a week (except Good Friday and Christmas Day) 9842 1916
Bunbury – Stanley Road Waste Management Facility Bunbury-Harvey Regional Council Stanley Road, Australind 8:00am-5:00pm 7 days (except Christmas Day, New Years Day and Good Friday) 9797 2404
Geraldton – Meru Waste Disposal Facility City of Greater Geraldton Landfill Lane, Off Goulds Road, Narngulu 7:30am-4:30pm 7 days (except Christmas Day, New Years Day and Good Friday) 9923 3188
Mandurah Waste Management Centre City of Mandurah 80 Corsican Place, Parklands 7:00am-4:00pm Monday to Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm weekends and public holidays (except Christmas Day and Good Friday) 9550 4700
Toodyay – Railway Road Transfer Station Shire of Toodyay Railway Road, Toodyay 8:00am-12:00pm 7 days (except Good Friday, Anzac Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day) 9574 2661

For the Guidelines for the Design and Operation of Facilities for the Acceptance and Storage of Household Hazardous Waste, click here

What Wastes Are Accepted At The HHW Disposal Facilities?

NOTE: The disposal facilities can only accept domestic quantities of waste (max 20kg/20L per material type). NO commercial materials will be accepted.

  • Acids (NOTE: some facilities can not accept hydrofluoric acid – call to check)
  • Aerosols (CFC-based, paints, lacquers, pesticides etc.)
  • Alkalis
  • Batteries (household only)
  • Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and Fluorescent tubes
  • Cyanides
  • Engine coolants and glycols
  • Fire extinguishers – non-halon (red)
  • Flammable liquids (e.g. hydrocarbons and fuels)
  • Flammable solids
  • Flares
  • Gas cylinders (small household cylinders)
  • General household chemicals (e.g. cleaning products)
  • Heavy metal compounds
  • Inorganic oxidising agents (e.g. pool chlorine)
  • Smoke detectors
  • Mercury (e.g. thermometers)
  • Organic peroxides
  • Paint
  • PCB materials
  • Pesticides (including Schedule X pesticides)
  • Solvents
  • Toxics

Waste That Will NOT Be Accepted Through The HHW Program*:

  • Any waste from commercial, industrial, veterinary or agricultural sources
  • E-waste (computers, TV’s etc.)
  • Used motor oil
  • Tyres
  • Pharmaceuticals and sharps
  • Asbestos
  • Car batteries
  • Mobile phones
  • Printer cartridges
  • Halon (yellow) fire extinguishers
  • EPIRB’s and PLB’s
  • Guns, ammunition or explosives
  • Cooking oil