Ants Find Kitchens and Homes as Heat source

We’re not the only creature on the planet to have sweet tooth, ants do have as well. Ants are social insects that typically live in underground colonies, made up of workers and a queen. Whilst they’re small, they are considered a big pain in the head for homeowners. Considered as one of Australia’s nuisance pest, practically eating any kind of food, but are more attracted to sweets.

ants infestatation

Ants can actually contaminate the food ingredients in your kitchen especially the ones that are not sealed properly. We suggest storing all of your cooking ingredients in airtight containers. Wipe up countertops immediately after food consumption. Do you also know that your bathroom can be a point of entry for these pesky insects? Ants need moisture, and your bathroom is the perfect place for them. Seal any cracks crevices that you see to avoid ants’ entry. But if homeowners do suspect an ant infestation, we advise seeking professional pest control services as the best course of action.

So don’t ever remedy your ant problem by yourself, call on a pest expert to know how to deal with it properly. You only allow the colony to grow larger with time.

Working with a pest control professional to help eliminate the problem quickly is a better idea.” – Cindy Mannes, vice president of public affairs for the National Pest Management Association in the US.