How to Protect your kids from Pests during Summer Season

summer season

Bugs can be frightening as they roam into our picnic and backyard BBQ. Not only are they a nuisance, but they can hurt and sting our kids especially wasps and ants. Over a hundred cases of wasps sting to people each year and most are children. Our kids are the most vulnerable to insect bites because of the fact that they play and stay outdoors especially during summer.

There are steps in protecting children from these pesky insects without cutting their enjoyment during summer months.

  1. Make your kids wear light-colored clothing. Light-colored long pants, long-sleeve shirts, and closed-toe to prevent ticks from biting the skin. These items of clothing also make ticks easier to spot if one decides to hitch a ride.
  2. Keep grass cut. Maintain a clean looking garden by regularly cutting off the unwanted grass. Ticks and other insects are attracted to tall grass.
  3. Mosquitoes only need about ½ inch of water to breed. So the best way to eliminate them is to keep stagnant water out.
  4.  Screen windows and doors, and repair tears in existing screens to prevent mosquitoes from flying inside.
  5. You can make yourself a DIY Pest Control to prevent pest infestation! Just like this one.
  6. And also, the best way to protect your yourself and your family to these pests is to contact your local pest expert to deal with whatever infestations you have.