Wildlife can also post great threat to homes

One of the most common problems during the summer months are pests occurring from nowhere. Birds, bats, squirrels, skunks and racoons can pose similar, if not more, serious health and property risks than traditional pest we know. Often times, homeowners don’t really matter on wildlife animals, rarely to consider health threats. Bats, racoons and skunks are frequent carriers of rabies, birds may carry diseases such as Lyme disease, West Nile virus and histoplasmosis, a respiratory disease often spread through bird droppings.

Raccoon in wildlife

Keeping them away from your home can be tricky as these pests only occur in specific seasons. Make sure to clean your yard on a regular basis and check for droppings. These animals might be tricky as they’re not like the common household pest we know. Wildlife pests can display erratic behaviour and can bite, peck or claw if they feel threatened. Call animal control or a pest pro if you encounter an animal with an aggressive behaviour.

Wildlife populaces are expanding, even in urban places. In spite of the fact that these creatures assume a basic part in nature, they additionally exhibit numerous general health and safety concerns.

Homeowners are encouraged to keep waste in completely fixed compartments, be proactive in fencing off open ranges, for example, under a deck or topping stacks, and also trimming congested bushes and tree limbs that can give roadways into the home.